So you’ve taken the bold and deserving move to educate yourself about the impending disaster that many many businesses are facing. Nortel, was once a thriving and profitable business. It set new sales records, invented new and exciting technology as it returned huge profits to its shareholders for many years. Dealers, vendors, salespeople, technicians, employees, contractors and users of the products placed their faith in Nortel that the dance would never end. But that was then. Since 1998 Nortel has not been profitable, has not invested more and more into R&D, has seen its stock value erode and finally capitulate and plummet to depths never before seen! All the while, Company Management said everything was good, even as it knew things were not. Now, as a Nortel Phone system user, your business is headed for another disaster unless you act.

Here’s how we can help. As I mentioned in my fax out campaign to reach businesses before it’s too late, I am involved with one of the Vendors that bid and won the telecom equipment piece from the auctioneer of Nortel’s Assets. I have been involved with a company called AVAYA as a reseller of their products for many years and have thousands of satisfied clients in Canada. AVAYA was successful in winning the piece of Nortel that makes, sells and services, appoints Dealers for their line of Business Telecom Products. Products that your business uses right now. AVAYA is in the same Telecom business and a pretty big player in the Global Market. But that’s where the good news ends. You see, AVAYA sells THEIR OWN products that competed against Nortel. So guess what? AVAYA will be discouraging users from their Nortel and encouraging them to spend more money on AVAYA. And you know what less competition means? That s right, higher prices to YOU! So on one side, Nortel is gone, your system is in serious jeopardy of being your worst nightmare and on the other side, AVAYA will be looking to you to fatten their bank accounts and pay for the millions of dollars spent at the Auction on the Nortel purchase.

But that’s where I come in…

Fortunately there is another option. MY OPTION ! And my option is only available through my website and my company. But because you are here and interested in averting some serious issues on your businesses communications, my options are now YOUR OPTIONS! I have been selling AVAYA in Canada for years. Almost 25 years in fact! I sold AVAYA when it was called AT&T. I sold AVAYA when it was called Lucent Technologies. Now I am still selling AVAYA after all those changes! That’s Right! My business has outlasted BC TEL! Remember them? Now I’ve outlasted Nortel! Someday, people will say, Nortel; remember them? It’s amazing and I count my blessings. I know that I am fortunate that I have been on the right side of the business case all these years. Maybe I just made the right call back in 1989 when I realized the BIG guys were just lousy managers. I have saved my customers millions in that time. I saved them money on rental costs, I saved them money on long distance costs, I saved them money on service costs. Now I have a plan for you! Your new plan is called FLEXLINES. Here is how it works and why it works so beautifully for your business. “…I had no idea what FlexLines was or how it could help my business owners save money. But we had a relationship with Tom & Rick at TMSI for several years as clients and had been happy. When we wanted to redo the financial structure of our business relationship, Rick offered to give us a FlexAudit on our line costs with Telus. Since we have Vancouver Lines running into our business in North Vancouver, it wasn’t cheap, but a necessary cost of doing business in our market. So I sent over my phone bill. Rick came back with an astonishing analysis of our bill. We were paying way too much! Now we have our SAME NUMBERS, and are saving thousands of dollars that we can now put in to marketing and growing our business faster. Thanks Rick for giving us the same setup and saving us a bundle!…”
Beverly, Cascadia Pacific Realty Services
What is FlexLines? FlexLines requires up to date technology. So we install that. It requires a new business telephone system to replace the bankrupt Nortel system. So we install that. Then we apply the savings from FlexLines against the cost of the new phone system, The difference is what you pay. Often there is no difference. Often it turns out you get paid! That’s right! What business wouldn’t LOVE a Return on investment that PAYS IMMEDIATELY. Some features that used to cost you hundreds of dollars are INCLUDED AS FREE in FLEXLINES.

  • Three-way Calling
  • Call Alert
  • Voice Messaging
  • Caller ID
  • Call Display
  • Private Numbers
  • DID (Direct inward Dialing)

That’s because the cost of the system per month over the term is usually less than the savings we obtained with FlexLines. “…Not only did Tom and his company get my lines faster that Telus, but they ended up cheaper as well. I know this, because we did a “FlexAudit” before anything else. I own a successful and growing auto business called in Surrey. Check me out if you need a vehicle. Do to demand, I needed lines fast. I’ve used Tom years ago in another huge car dealership I owned. We had a few problems getting the main number moved over properly, but Tom called in every workday at 9:05am to test the lines before our customers started calling until he and I were satisfied that everything was as it should be. Now with FlexLines, I got MORE Lines basically for free. That is of vital importance to my business as most of my sales start and often end over the phone. Less busy signals means thousands of dollars in added sales. Thanks Tom for working through the issues. I like a good deal!…” Andy Papp


Lets say I’ve convinced you that you need to get out of the Nortel trap as soon as you can afford to. But you know its going to cost you a few thousand dollars or maybe a lot more if you’re big. You don’t have a budget for this because you didn’t see the storm coming. That’s ok. Read on… STEP ONE: Get your Phone bill out for the last full month and fax it to me at my confidential fax 604.571.6455 Just like many of my customers have done. This is how we start our “FlexAudit”. Blank out the account and phone number if you want, I don’t mind. But whatever you do, get me the pages that cover your monthly summary and detail of charges. (click here for the example.) On the cover page, or email message, make sure that you include your contact info so we can get back to you! We will reply with the savings you get every month using our new FLEXLINES, STEP TWO: We will run a “FlexAudit” on the savings we can provide and send that Report back to you. That Report will show you how much you save, how much it costs and how to get started. (Click here for a sample report.) STEP THREE: Once you accept the savings report and what it can do for your business, we work together to order and install the new phone system as soon as it arrives and is setup for your business. We service all the major centers in Canada. Once your new system is in and running, we provide training and changes to get the system working exactly the way you want. We don’t quit until you are satisfied.


If you act now and call or ask for our FlexAudit by email, make sure to ask us to find a buyer at top dollar for your old Nortel system. We can find a broker at no charge to you. We will have a cheque in your hands directly from the broker to you. Mention Code NTS

There’s more! If you call or email today we will supply you with A FREE WIRELESS HEADSET with your new system at installation. Just tell us you need a wireless headset with the order and we’ll include it. Free.



No one wants to get less that what they expected. All good business has to be win-win. We know that. That’s why we make certain that your expectations come from dependable solid information. No surprises. It drives me crazy when I book a FIVE STAR Hotel at FIVE STAR prices and then when I check in, I find out that the Hotel is under going a renovation or my room is facing the parking lot, or that the National Convention of Star Trekkies is there! A Two Star Experience at a FIVE Star Price! Its all about expectations. So we like to make sure your expectations are aligned with our ability to deliver what you want. We have a THREE POINT NO RISK GUARANTEE

  1. You have 90 RiskFree days to use the system. If you decide after 60 days it’s not for you, we will remove it for free by the 90th day. The only fee you pay for is $100. And all that is for is to register the asset with the government agency as registered property and the insurance for risk during that period. You will not receive any other charges associated with the system.
  2. FlexLines are free for the first 30 days. There are times that the Phone Company delays the phone charges on the phone bill or the service from us and them may overlap for a couple of weeks. So we install the lines and send you the bill. If the bills overlap with your previous provider through no fault of yours, there will be no charge for the lines. There will be charges for any long distance or directory services since we can’t control those costs, but the lines are free!
  3. Free Relocation Service. You may be thinking of moving the business to another location in the near future and want to hold off on the savings until later. If that is you, we have a great offer. We will move your system for FREE within 50 kms! The offer is good for as long as we support you.* We will come and get the phones, de-install the controller and modules, and drive them to the new location and connect them up to the existing cabling for free. We even install new cabling for you if required.


“…My business lives and dies on the phone. Our people are in the freight moving business and everything is down to minutes and seconds. So when I needed more lines I asked a client who they used and they recommended TMSI. I was skeptical. Normally its best to go with the big guys. They may not care as much, but you usually have a person that you can yell at if things screw up. I didn’t realize that person was in INDIA! Some help! TMSI is local and Canadian. Their help desk is in Canada. So they provided a FlexAudit for me and showed me that taking FlexLines, I got more lines, a new phone system and STILL saved money each month! How was that possible? Turns out it was. Is. We had a couple of billing questions but they got straightened out pretty fast.“ Chris, Tricera Imaging.

In short; No other business proposition you get today or even this Year will come close to getting what you get from my offer.

This is going to Save You Money Or Get You A Free Phone System For Your Business. I Guarantee It! To Review;

You get:

  • A way out of the Biggest Corporate Failure in Canadian History!
  • A great new Phone system made by the company that bought Nortel and sold by a 25 year long Dealer.
  • Free FlexAudit!
  • Free wireless headset.
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free Relocation Service
  • (other free services for a period of 120 days can include: personal fax to emails, private company conference bridge, Five free Direct Lines)

PS: If you DO NOT have a Nortel System currently, then I won’t tell you there is a limited time to act. What’s the point? Take time to look at the FlexAudit. Review it with the right people. If it doesn’t save you money, there is no rush. But if you see money leaking away from your business every day, every month, every year, then does waiting really make a lot of sense to you? Of course not. So give us a call and get the Free FlexAudit process under way. Remember, there is No Risk. PPS: If you DO HAVE a Nortel System, you must act quickly so you don’t get stuck with a fancy paper-weight on your desk. We can help you out of your Nortel phone system today! We can get you into an AVAYA system or one of our other great products right away. Ask for your FREE FlexAudit TODAY to get started. We give priority to Nortel users.


PPPS: Remember! Your Nortel System is becoming an Orphan. You are committing only to asking for a Free FlexAudit. That’s it! You are not doing anything that will cost you money. It’s true, we do want to make you our customer for a long time and we will do our best to give you enough information.