Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Need A Support Agreement?

Protecting your investment ? The safety of the time and finances invested in the purchase of your telephony equipment. Decision makers are responsible to the company bottom line. What better way to meet that responsibility than by knowing, in advance, your telephony operating costs. – Imagine a day at the office without telephones. It sounds nice, but also imagine customer perception and the amount of lost business. As a Support Agreement customer TMSI guarantees inventory of your particular telephony equipment and technicians to minimize the amount of down time should equipment fail.

Do I Have To Buy A Support Agreement From TMSI?

TMSI has the knowledge and expertise concerning the working of your equipment, pertaining to your company. We were there at the planning stages with you. Mapping, cabling, programming, training, implementation were all achieved by TMSI, and your company, as a team. Our customer records allow a continuing historical reference for your needs and queries. Would you want someone else to charge your company the time it would take to achieve what we already have in place?

Does TMSI sell headsets and other peripherals?

TMSI is proud to offer other products to help make your business run more smoothly! We sell Headsets, Conference units, Cordless Phones, Bell ringers, Door phones and uninterruptible power supplies to name just a few. Anything you may need we are just a phone call away! Also check our products list for some examples of things we carry.

What is the warranty on any products or system purchases?

Different companies have different warranties! Avaya Partner or IP Office systems have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Headsets and Polycom conference units also has 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Samsung has the best in the business with a FIVE year manufacturer’s replacement warranty!

I want to buy a phone system but I don’t know where to begin?

Buying the right phone system might seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! By Calling our Director of Sales & Project Management Rick Gauthier he will help you make the right choice! From an onsite visit to see first hand what you needs are to discussing your options, planning and quoting a system, Rick will help you to the end and give you honest reliable information to make an informed decision. Feel Free to give him a call he will be glad to help you out!

Please contact us with any further questions.